Weight loss for life -learn how to develop a personal weight loss program

July 17, 2012

Weight loss for life -learn how to develop a personal weight
Maintenance program  with Cognitive Behavior Therapy with Jayme Albin, PhD
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Building  a  healthy lifestyle that comes with a sense of control over maintaining your weight can be very challenging for many people. This is especially true if you have recently lost a significant amount of weight on a commercial diet program or a specific nutrition plan. 
You need skills to  learn to make this weight loss change permanent without feeling as though  you are constantly on a “diet”.

BAD NEWS: Failure to maintain a stable  weight is high!
It’s not surprising to find that many of my  clients/readers are  somewhat skeptical about their ability to be successful at keeping a stable weight, after all the widespread view is  that being able to keep weight off and prevent yo-yo relapses is not achievable.

According to the National Weight Loss Registry only 20% of overweight and obese people in the United States have successfully lost 10% of initial body weight and have been able to keep it off for more than 2 years.

Answer: This is because most weight loss   programs don’t really have a   maintenance phase.  The last phase usually just  focuses  on adding calories and reducing food restrictions rather than specific behavior strategies and developing life- long health attitudes.

People who are successful at maintaining their weight know which behaviors and thoughts are helpful when it comes to keeping them at  or close to their goal weight.
So what’s the secret ? What are the behaviors to focus on and the types of thoughts to have that keep us motivated to make healthy choices day after day?

We offer a PDF self published guide on Sculpting your Weight Loss Success.
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Based on Dr Albin’s 10 years of clinical experience working with those struggling with weight loss and body image issues

Step One. Taking  steps to get on a real weight maintenance program is important. Make a commitment to work on developing a program that is personal to you. I offer personal, skype or an PDF self published guide on Sculpting your weight loss Success. Email us for details at DrJayme@asktheCBT.com

Our weight loss for life program focuses on using cognitive behavior therapy for weight maintenance.  Our  Cbt weight Maintenance program also incorporates mindful based therapy, biofeedback and yoga therapy so that it becomes more natural to feel calmer and connect with your body and emotions.

Step 2 Get to know how you think about food.

Our program reviews your thinking styles when it come to food. Do you respond better when you think about food with a set of rules that you apply logically throughout your day or do you do better with a structured or semi structured guideline? We can help you figure that what works best.

Step 3  Learn how to assess how you spend your time against what you SAY you want out of life AND then  resolve conflicts with actions plans.  Our programs provides tools to help you figure out where you have control and freedom in places that you felt trapped or lacking in any options!

Step 4 Set real goals regarding weight and establish a personal monitoring system that works for your emotions and life style.

Step 5 Develop a healthy reward system that rewards you for working on intentional goals not just good outcomes.

Step 6 Have a plan in place that is  easily activated by you when your weight  passes the “yellow light zone of comfortable  weight re-gain”.

Step 7 Learn how to eat and think like a thin person does automatically by practicing good habits during challenging situations.

For more information about Cognitive Behavior Therapy Services in New York City or Psychologist Services for other problems in New York City or through skype please contact our offices at 212-631-1133 or DrJayme@asktheCBT.com

For more on Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Weight loss visit our sister site at www.SculptNYC.com



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